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2 years ago

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Here's a story 4 days ago with the title of April " panties in a public restroom. " I n some response eskimotube from people who have heard more heres another experience I had. My work takes me to the street, sometimes, sometimes, local long distance. On the day in question was there, I was over the provisions that had and I felt very eskimotube hot. I decided to check a place I know in Detling Hill near Maidstone. Sometimes there is some action there and how it was a beautiful day, I thought I would try my luck. When I was stationed there are 2 cars, 1, I noticed. I left my car and went into the woods on the road between the trees. I met a man I met before and we chat. He said he had not seen me always, and still wear sexy underwear ? I said yes, I have in my pants wearing black stockings, garters and lace underwear, I had my high heels red in my bag. I eskimotube asked if I was a bit of fun with it andI said yes. He told me to fool my sexy lingerie and be back in a minute or two. So I got myself and my high heels, he appeared among the trees with a sack. He said he had a surprise for me if I am willing to give what it was before. I said I was ready for anything, as I was feeling so hot. He reached into his pocket to put a big 12-inch vibrator pink and asked me if I believed to be fucked with it? It was very long and very thick, but what I really believed it before. He went and stood naked in front of me, so I bent at the waist and took his cock in my mouth. It's just a small penis, about 5 cm thick, but its nice. I could feel more and more difficult in eskimotube my mouth as eskimotube I held my head and let his cock hardening in and out of my mouth. She sucked until it was nice and hard, and then stood behind me, pulled her underwear down to the top of my socks and lubricant poured into my ass crack. He put his hands all greased and press 1 to my tight hole, then another. Hs has worked in and out of my ass eskimotube for a minute or two adds another finger. As he eskimotube grabbed my finger hole with 3 fingers, reached between my legs and my cock masturbated. I was so hot, I just had to put my cock leave her alone, otherwise I shot my load there and then have. put his finger in my ass and told me to sign up for a good screw with vib list. I felt the tip of it on my entrance, pushed gently rubbed all over my wet hole, then pushed a little harder. My ass open and began to slide VIB within me. It was so big, my ass is stretched like never before. He pushed into me, it just kept going further and further until everything in me, it was 12 inches. Never full, so deep in my life. He left sticking out of my ass, so you can eskimotube push forward, so only a few inches was in me to get used to them, then it slipped back in. It moved me so could still maintain vib, but could sUCK his cock while stretching vib and out of my ass observed. When I took his hard cock in my mouth again, he turned the switch, which began to vibrate. He grabbed the Alt and began to fuck me hard on him, while his hard cock slipped in and out of my mouth. I noticed from the corner of his eye, which had an audiance, I heard her suck cock so I could look to see how many were watching. There were four boys stood and looked at all of the tail flip. I was sucking his cock, my ass was really hitting the Alt and now his hips were shaken by what was coming, he knew. I took all of his cock in my mouth and licked around her, and suck really fast. He took my head and eskimotube rammed his cock hard and shot his load down my throat. I had no choice but to eskimotube swallow because he looked at me with his cock in my throat and kept deep in my ass vib. pulled his cock from my mouth, and when I was putting the clothes back, I was still bdeveloped along the VIB in my ass. One of eskimotube the
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